Paul Cook Business Coaching Newcastle

Paul Cook

Business Growth Specialist

Paul Cook Business Coaching Newcastle

Why do you love working at ActionCOACH?

At ActionCOACH we are all part of a big family. Everyone supports each other and is prepared to share their experiences and knowledge to help each other and our Clients to be the best we can be.

Tell us something interesting about yourself:

In 2018, I reach the ranking of top cyclist in Thailand in my age category after 4 years of intensive training.

What are your favourite pastimes:

I love cycling, golf, skiing and previously playing rugby. When they are winning, I like to watch Newcastle United.

What are your top 14 points of culture?

They are all my favourites as they mirror my personality.

What’s your favourite quote?

The measure of intelligence is the ability to change – Albert Einstien

James Vincent

Coach Performance Director

Why do you love working for ActionCOACH?

Well in short ActionCOACH is all about abundance and helping others succeed, has a massive vision, and is at the forefront of business and personal growth…who wouldn’t love working here!

What are your favourite pastimes?

Playing games and having fun with my children. Nothing better than a summer day in the back garden playing all day long. BBQ, fun, smiles, laughter and many games! Plus…fine single malt, taking my beautiful wife out for nice meals, family holidays and watching action movies!

What are your top three 14 points of culture?

Commitment, Excellence and Abundance

What’s your favourite quote?

‘Get busy living or get busy dying’

Laura Thorburn

Marketing Director

Why do you love working for ActionCOACH?

Everyone has the same mindset – we are all making a positive difference in the business landscape. The amount of personal development and learning opportunities ActionCOACH offer is incredible and the whole community including employees and franchise owners, are very supportive and a lot of fun.

Tell us something about yourself…

My title is ‘Lady,’ that’s right…I am Lady Laura Thorburn!

Favourite holiday destination…

I love to travel down to Cornwall with my family; this also means that I can take my dog Archie. But my favourite holiday was spending a month in Indonesia!

What’s your favourite quote?

‘If you’re early, you’re on time. If you’re on time, you’re late. If you’re late, you’re a disappointment.’ – James Vincent, Managing Director.

Kam Scott

UK Client Relations

Why do you love working for ActionCOACH?

Since I joined I’ve been introduced to hugely influential and successful people who I’ve taken so much from. I’ve overcome personal demons and felt supported every step of the way. I’ve also cultivated relationships which I’m sure will be a huge part of my life in the long run!

Tell us something interesting about yourself:

I can play 7 musical instruments and also I can do incredible things with a teapot and some bath salts (Ask Julie!)… My Great Uncle (Jack Rowley) is the 4th highest top scorer ever for Manchester United behind Wayne Rooney, Bobby Charlton and Dennis Law.

What are your favourite pastimes?

Performing & watching live music and attending the Theatre of Dreams at the weekend! (should I have put something about my partner here?…)

Favourite holiday destination?

Orlando, Florida! No Question.

What are your top three 14 points of culture?

Fun – Because who wants to be anything else?!
Balance – Everything has a balance and finding the right balance for yourself is critical to happiness and success.

Gratitude – Too many of us humans are never appreciative of “our lot” it’s great to strive for more and something that I’d advise everybody to do! However, it’s equally as important to appreciate the things that we already have/have achieved as they are ultimately what made you the person you are today!

Favourite Quote?

“No amount of money ever bought a second of time” Tony Stark