About Paul Cook – ActionCOACH Newcastle

Business Growth Specialist

Paul is passionate about family, health, and wealth, with a penchant for learning, he will strive to enable you to encompass a balanced lifestyle allowing you the ability to develop your business into a profitable enterprise and to fulfill your goals.

Setting the bar high and forcing yourself out of your comfort zone Paul will help you to achieve your full potential, embracing change and overcoming new challenges to encourage you to push your boundaries. During this time Paul will be there to provide guidance and encouragement when you feel like you’ve had enough.

Who is Paul?

An accomplished business leader, coach, and mentor, Paul has a proven track record of successfully growing businesses across multiple sectors and sizes.

Paul will pull on his experience to inspire you to achieve exponential revenue growth, optimize your time and efficiency by helping you structure the key areas of your business such as sales, marketing, operational and financial
management excellence.

Paul excels at motivating and influencing teams to be the best they can be and will help your organisation to reach its peak in order to transform commercial and technical strategies into reality.

An experienced sales and marketing professional, he will help you to develop your business into a memorable customer experience, improving your customer service and levels of satisfaction.

Disciplined in business processes, Paul has led teams in turning loss-making entities around into sustainable profitable

Personal Attributes:

A sportsman: An avid sports enthusiast, with a penchant for football, rugby, cycling, skiing, and golf.

Committed: Commitment to a lifetime of self-improvement and to help others achieve their full potential.

Reliable: Paul will be there for you no matter what hurdles are thrown in your path.

Fun: A true fun lover, Paul will look at ways to add fun into your business in order to build team spirit and deliver
maximum fulfillment.

Proven Track record of Success

Paul has successfully held positions in Project Management and led major multi-national companies into new markets developing innovative sales and marketing strategies to secure multi-million £ business opportunities both in the UK and Overseas.

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