Top tips for the business leaders of tomorrow

Here are the 5 top tips for the leaders of today and tomorrow…

1. TALK ABOUT THE FUTURE – Leaders think and talk about the future to help others to see what they believe is possible. “Leaders teach people to dream, not just execute.” ~ Mark Collar.

2. TEACH SOMEONE SOMETHING – Leaders who take the time to teach their employees something new will be respected and highly regarded. This positive act of commitment to the growth of the individual and business demonstrates a drive for mutual success.

3. ACTIVELY LISTEN – Many of us talk about being good listeners, but few of us are really good at it. To truly listen to someone you must really focus on what they are saying, and stop thinking about what you want to say in return! Let them speak without interruption and only offer your point of view when asked for it.

4. BE ENTHUSIASTIC – Great leaders have enthusiasm and energy that rubs off on others. Practice being outright enthusiastic about an idea and watch how the people around you change.

5. HAVE FUN – People want to follow someone who enjoys what they are doing and makes every day tasks fun. Show your silly side, encourage laughter and enjoyment in your organisation. The happier your workforce are, the more productive and loyal they will be.

What values do you believe are important for the leaders of tomorrow?