Content Refresh

In our last blog we talked about keeping your content new and engaging… here are 5 ways to refresh your content:


  1. User-Generated Content


Struggling to create new content? Use your audiences!


Customers who take the time to post photos or videos of your products are wonderful, show them that you noticed and re-post that content.


These could be quick snaps they’ve shared of your product, videos, or even written testimonials.


Do it right, and you can strengthen the bond between you and your customers, while also subtly promoting your product/service.


  1. Create your own Hashtag


Have fun with your business and get creative! Come up with a relevant weekly hashtag that you can use on your socials.


If you’re a clothing company, it could be ‘FashionFriday’, or ‘ThriftyThursday’.


By creating these hashtags, it gives you something to focus your content around on that particular day.


It’s also a great way of getting your audience involved. They can use the hashtag themselves, which in turn may generate more user-generated content for you to use.


  1. Go Live


We’ll admit, this one is a little scary. But creating live video updates or Q&As for your audience is really engaging and more popular now than ever.


If this is out of your comfort zone (firstly, check out our blog on how to expand your comfort zone HERE), just start smaller. You can still utilize video content without doing it live.


Preplan and create informative, fun videos for your audience. You have time to edit and re-take clips you aren’t too sure about.


  1. Go back to the beginning


One way of building trust with a consumer is to help them relate to you and your brand, so tell your story.


Talk about how your business started and the journey so far with throwback pictures from the early days.


Mention your team and how it’s grown, your workspace, and how its evolved.


Consumers want to know the people and journey behind the products they buy!


  1. Polls


Everyone loves a good debate so fuel discussion by using polls in your social media strategy.


Ask for your audience’s opinions, whether that’s about what’s going on with your brand directly or polls on more general current affairs.


This is a great way of learning more about your audience and can act as a catalyst for more specific content on these subject matters.


Whatever content you decide to use to freshen up your social media channels, it’s good practice to plan!


If there’s one thing we are experts in at ActionCOACH, it’s strategic planning. If you need some help with this, contact us HERE, and we’ll be more than happy to help!