5 Marketing Trends you need to try


So far 2021 has been nearly as unpredictable as 2020.

Last year we saw a major shift in marketing due to us all being forced into the online/digital world.

Did your business hop onto the new digital marketing trends?

If not, here are our top 5 digital marketing trends that we think you should implement into your business today.


  1. Digital and Social Media Marketing Focus


Arguably the biggest lesson learned in the business realm over 2020 was the importance of a company’s online presence. With shops, offices, showrooms & studios all forced to adapt, limit capacity, or close altogether, the main way of communicating with existing and potential clients/customers emigrated to digital platforms.


The digital marketing institute report that over 46% of UK consumers confirmed they have used their smartphone more over pandemic and the resulting lockdowns. This means more purchasing through smartphones, more digital contact with brands, and more use of social media.


The result has been a boom in digital, particularly social media-based advertising.


Get your business on socials!


Start with one platform until you feel ready to expand. Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Linked In, Twitter, and Pinterest are some of our favourites.


Each platform has its own unique market, so make sure to choose one which aligns with your business and products.


  1. Influencer Marketing


Celebrities in the public eye used to be deemed as influencers, but the past few years have bred a huge amount of what is now termed ‘micro-influencers’. These are people with smaller followings, still more substantial than a ‘normal’ person, but not so many that they can charge obscene amounts of money for product promotions.


This creates an opportunity for businesses to give influencer marketing a try at a much lower cost.


Micro-influencers will have their own unique and engaged audience already established. If you can find one within your niche it can be worth contacting them to offer a collaboration.


Finding a micro-influencer to help promote your products to their audience or review them can be a great marketing strategy. It also gives you the opportunity to grow with the influencer, as their audience grows, your business will be with them for the ride. This will allow you to connect with a larger audience over time.


  1. Community Building and Cultural Relevance


What a company stands for is just as important as its products/services.


Many customers will happily pay more for products if the business providing them stands for the same things they do. This more connected, aware audience lends to more emphasis on building a community around companies and brands and cultivating relationships with customers on a deeper level.


What does your company look like online?


All online posts, interactions, and reviews say A LOT about your company. The best advice we can give on this one is to find out what your customers have to say and try and align your company with this while still remaining authentic to yourself. Find common ground between your audience and your business and build on this. Whether that be connecting with a charity or creating a unique message that your products stand for. If your audience can relate and see the benefit in what you’re doing, they’re more likely to buy.


Make sure to shout about your values and message in your digital marketing!


  1. Personal Commerce


Taking the idea of targeted ads and moving to the next level…personalised ads.


Consumers may more willingly give out information in the hope of getting a better, more bespoke service from the companies and brands they interact with, thus affording those brands further potential to provide that next level of service.


Making sure you can learn all you can about your customers and audience is so important to make sure you can give them a product of value.


Once you have all of this information, you can personalise your service/product/advertisement to specific customers and you will be more likely to connect and create a lasting relationship with those customers.


  1. Content Focus


Social media can be overwhelming. There are thousands of companies sharing content online and it can be difficult to stand out.


This is why you need to focus on the content you are creating.


We have to find an audience, a niche, and discover what makes them tick? What makes them click on a post? What makes them interact?


Find what they want, what they like, what they need help with, what they engage with, and double down on that with your content.

The best way to get started with this is through market research.


Research and explore how successful companies in your field have gained their followers. Dive into their tactics and more importantly their content.


You don’t need to copy the content, but you can be inspired by it. If you find something which has worked for a similar company to yours, adapt it for yourself, throw in a touch of your own personality and your company offering, and unleash it on the world.


If you have any digital marketing strategies that have worked for you, let us know about them in the comments!


Thanks for reading!


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