So how much does Business Coaching cost?

Other than “what is business coaching” one of the first questions we get asked when speaking to prospective clients is “how much is the investment for business coaching?”

The honest answer: It varies

And the great part: It pays for itself and we guarantee results or you get your money back!

Just like any business, business coaching has many different products and the investment will depend on each client’s requirements and budgets. We work with Business Owners to develop a level of clarity on the goals of the Owner and what they want to achieve through business coaching.

Coaching should be seen as an ‘investment’. Like any investment, you will gain a positive return on initial input.

We guarantee you a return on your investment within either 6 or 12 months depending on which product you opt for.

We only engage with Business Owners when we see the outcome will be WIN-WIN or you get your money back. Our commitment to making a difference for you and your business is guaranteed! (Now, that may sound VERY confident… but we ARE CONFIDENT). We make a commitment and we expect a commitment from our clients in return – it’s that simple!

Now to the nitty-gritty…

But how much is the investment?

Our services range from £50 per month to £3,500 per month. It’s a wide range for good reason; to ensure you receive the right level of coaching to achieve your goals and to tailor the coaching experience to YOU and your organisation.

We offer lots of different packages, starting with BookCLUB and ActionCLUB (both very fun!). But the 2 main types of coaching we offer are 1-2-1 coaching and focused group coaching.

We’ve broken down these two types of coaching for you and the investment required for them below:

1-2-1 Business Coaching

This product is our premium product and provides the best return on investment. The coaching is tailored to individual clients’ requirements and can be scheduled on either a weekly or bi-weekly basis depending on the level of the program required, and the rate of development the owner wants in their business. It may be that you start on bi-weekly (Bronze Level) and then choose the weekly option as you start to see the results that coaching brings to your business.

Investment for 1-2-1 Bronze Coaching starts at £995/month + VAT

Group Coaching

In terms of group coaching, we run a ProfitCLUB. This runs for 2 hours every 2 weeks. In addition to ProfitCLUB, all clients must also attend a GrowthCLUB. GrowthCLUB is a quarterly planning session and is a prerequisite to doing ProfitCLUB as it breaks down the longer-term goals into more manageable bite-sized quarterly goals.

Group coaching is an ideal workshop for individual or SME Business Owners to attend. It helps to increase learnings and gives a road map and structure to planning your growth in both business and personal lives. Group coaching will also allow you to build relationships with other business owners, and for you to communicate within the coaching group.

Investment for group coaching: The monthly charge would be £50/month for GrowthCLUB and £150/month for ProfitCLUB. Totaling to £200/month


So, what do I get for my money?

  1. You get a Business Coach who really cares about you and the success of your business

Honestly, we want you to succeed! Our coaches have your best interests at heart and will help to remind you of the bigger picture and your goals at all times.

  1. You get access to a wealth of experience and knowledge

Not just from your personal coach, but from the whole ActionCOACH community! We have hundreds of coaches in the UK and we’re sure one of our coaches will have worked in an industry just like yours.

  1. You get an expert by your side to ensure your business achieves great things

Business Coaches can help you in many areas of your business, however, we find that business owners typically need help in one (or more) of three categories: Time, Team, and Money. As an expert in the art of business, your coach will work with you to identify any challenges and the root of any problems in your area(s) of concern and will teach you strategies to overcome them.

  1. You get to experience the journey of self-development

Not only will you and your Business Coach work on your business, but you will also work on yourself as an individual. A business cannot grow bigger than the business owner, which is why continuous self-development is vital for success. When you stop growing, your business stops growing!

  1. You get to choose what you pay for

Business Coaches can offer you a variety of different types of coaching. This means that you can select a price that suits your budget and a program that meets your needs. You can decide whether you want to dip your toe or dive right into the world of coaching.

A final word…

Coming from professional sport and mental health I have seen the power and influence that a coach can have on the life of an individual, team, and organisation.

The question should not be ‘Why have a coach?’ – it should be ‘Why wouldn’t you!?

There isn’t a single high-performing person, team, or business that doesn’t have a coach. If you want to be the best in your sector, it’s an obvious choice.

We offer a free consultation with one of our coaches so that you can find out more about how we can specifically help you and your business. So, what do you have to lose?

Send us an email with a preferred time slot and we’ll schedule a FREE coaching session for you!

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